Does Marriage Affect My Child Support Obligation?

No. Marriage does not affect your Child Support Obligation. The Office of the Attorney General oversees Child Support in Texas. The OAG is part of the Executive Branch of the government and they represent Texas' interest in a child-support case. Texas wants to make sure that each child is supported by both parents.

While child support is NOT changed if the parent receiving support remarries, the Child Support Obligation is reduced if the paying parent has other biological children to care for. The existence of other biological children means that parent has to provide more resources, so the pre-existing child's support is lowered.

I know that it is difficult to remember, but, just because you pay child support to your ex does not mean it does not go to the children if they pay bills with it. If both parents were living in the same home as the children, the children would benefit from both incomes.

To apply for child support in Texas, please visit: Texas OAG Apply for Services

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